Владелец Off-White купил бренд Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony. Фото: instagram.com/openingceremony

Итальянский холдинг New Guards Group, которой принадлежат Off-White, Palm Angels, Heron Preston и Ambush, приобрел торговую марку и интеллектуальную собственность Opening Ceremony.

Корпорация планирует взять на себя производство линии одежды и аксессуаров Opening Ceremony.

New Guards перенесет производство Opening Ceremony на свою площадку в Милане, перезапустит веб-сайт бренда на платформе Farfetch и откроет шоурум в Париже.

Мы будем закрывать все торговые точки в 2020 году. Мы приняли решение сосредоточиться на новых коллекциях бренда вместе с нашими новыми партнерами. Наш бренд принимает дух экспериментов и веселья и вкладывает эту энергию в создание одежды. Мы знаем, что наше решение может вас удивить, и вы будете по-разному его воспринимать. Но мы верим в необходимость перемен. И вместе с нашими новыми партнерами мы отступим и оценим наше будущее, чтобы вернуться с ценным опытом”, – заявили основатели Opening Ceremony Умберто Леон и Кэрол Лим.

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We are immensely proud of the experience we created through each of our stores. Each one has been a fearless testing ground for ideas and a place for the community to come together, not only to shop, but to discover. We explored the planet for the underrepresented, the outlandish and the utterly unique, in order to surprise our customers day after day. Hundreds upon hundreds of designers have called our stores home for their very first collections and it’s amazing how each store took on a life of its own. With our constant desire to reinvent, we will return to creating stores, but with a different mindset and perspective in order to wow people who are self-proclaimed shop-til-we-drops like us. Most importantly, this is a thank you letter. As children of immigrants who grew up in the suburbs, looking through magazines to learn about what was happening in fashion and culture, we feel incredibly lucky to have been able to even start this company. It is a thank you to you and to everyone who has stepped foot in our stores, offices, fashion shows, parties and homemade dinners by Wendy Leon. We thank our friends, family and our collaborators who brought their genius to Opening Ceremony (Chloe, Spike, Solange, Sasha, Robyn, and hundreds more). Our deepest thanks goes to our dedicated employees, without whom Opening Ceremony would not have the humanity, kindness and spirit of friendship that it is known for. Love, Carol and Humberto

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